If we are unable to supply you with a Product, for example because that Product is not in stock or no longer available or because of an error on our Site and where you have already paid for the Product(s), we will initiate the process to refund you the full amount, within approximately fourteen (14) working days from the initiation start date. The initial start date shall represent the date of
placement of orders.

If you do not redeem/collect your order, or we cannot deliver your order within the specified delivery days days from the date of the purchase date or the period offer date, your order will be cancelled and we will refund the amount.

Cancellation of an order placed via a credit card, but which has not been delivered or collected by you is possible, however may be subject to applicable cancellation charges and banks’ policies. Where a valid cancellation request has been placed, we will initiate the refund process and seek to credit the refund, subject to applicable charges, within approximately fourteen (14) working days from the acceptance by Starlink, further to your cancellation notification.

To cancel an undelivered or uncollected order, please call our Customer Care Center on 801 1 0966 150. You may wish to keep a copy of your cancellation notification for your own records. Cancellation notification shall be the date you inform our Call Center Team.

You must inform us promptly if the delivered Product is faulty or damaged. You must report a faulty or damaged Product by calling our Customer Care Center on 801 1 0966 150 within two (2) working days of its receipt and we will find an appropriate resolution. The manufacturer warranty shall commence after the lapse of two (2) business days from receipt of the Product.

Any faulty or damaged Product must be returned to us in its original packaging and within two (2) business days from the date of delivery, otherwise it will be rejected by us.

Any faulty or damaged Product that is returned beyond the two (2) business days and within the applicable warranty period will follow our standard repair center process. Note: accessories including phone covers, device’s cover, etc., may not be covered under such applicable warranty.

If you choose to return the Product(s), you have to return within two (2) business days. All returns and cancellations after receiving the order(s) / product(s) are subject to a charge fee. You need to ensure:

The product being returned is in an "as new" condition together with all original packaging and accessories. For handsets: device cannot have been used for any calls, SMS, MMS and/or data; and

Proof of purchase (your delivery receipt) and valid photo identification is presented.